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Modular Construction

At Comfort Systems USA, we offer state of the art HVAC and Electrical Modular Solutions constructed off-site and in parallel to site construction activities. This delivery method improves construction site safety, quality and productivity while reducing budget and schedule risks.

Our modular construction solutions are led by two CSUSA companies, Environmental Air Systems (EAS) and TAS Energy, and consist of six facilities with over 1,100,000 square feet of floor space in Texas and North Carolina. Our facilities include state of the art plasma cutting equipment, sheet metal coil lines, and prefabrication expertise for piping, plumbing and an assortment of assemblies. Our assemblies include single section designs to multi-story designs well in excess of 100 sections.

Compared to typical field construction, our factory packaging increases speed-to-market and substantially reduces project schedule, construction risks, and cost. By pre-fabricating and manufacturing customized modules off-site, and then simply assembling them on-site, you can have a central energy plant, electrical room, or data center constructed and functional with up to 40% less time spent on preparation and construction.

The reduced time spent on field construction lowers customer risk by mitigating expensive field labor rates, which are often in high demand and vary considerably in both availability and skill-set across the country.

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Our Modular Construction Solution Advantage

Risk Management

Reduce on-site man hours by up to 84% with 77% lifting operations required for a typical infrastructure build. This significantly decreases the risk of accident or injury on-site.

Controlled Factory Environment

Prefabricated modular construction within a controlled factory environment allows for more consistency and reduces the chance of changes and delays that are typical with on-site construction.

In-House Factory Testing

Testing is completed prior to module shipping to site to ensure that your project meets all specifications and requirements before deployment. Traditional testing requires coordination of multiple parties, which can delay projects.

Reduced Construction Schedule

Building modular speeds your timeline up to a matter of months and the module arrives on-site tested ready to assemble.

Reduced Technical Needs

Not having to buy components one by one means you save money. The plug-and-play units require minimal expertise, meaning you will not need a large in-house technical team for projects.

Energy Efficient

The pre-engineered design of the module allows for better integration of power and cooling controls. Traditional mechanical and electrical rooms consume more energy than prefabricated modules.


Our modular solutions come complete and ready to install. By not dealing with multiple vendors and project teams, you can be assured that your module and all components will be compatible.

Flexible and Scalable

All modules can ship anywhere in the world for the addition, integration, or retrofitting into your existing footprint. Our custom modules allow you to build for current projects’ needs and scale as project demands increase.

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