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Brian E. Lane

Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Brian E. Lane has served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Comfort Systems since December 2011 and as a director since November 2010. Mr. Lane served as Comfort Systems’ President and Chief Operating Officer from March 2010 until December 2011. Mr. Lane joined Comfort Systems in October 2003 and served as Vice President and then Senior Vice President for Region One of the Company until he was named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in January 2009. Prior to joining Comfort Systems, Mr. Lane spent fifteen years at Halliburton, the global service and equipment company devoted to energy, industrial, and government customers. During his tenure at Halliburton, he held various positions in business development, strategy, and project initiatives. He departed as the Regional Director of Europe and Africa. Mr. Lane’s additional experience included serving as a Regional Director of Capstone Turbine Corporation, a distributed power manufacturer. He also was a Vice President of Kvaerner, an international engineering and construction company where he focused on the chemical industry. Mr. Lane is a member of the Board of Directors of Griffin Dewatering Corporation and Main Street Capital Corporation. Mr. Lane earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA from Boston College. Mr. Lane has more than thirty years of experience in the construction and engineering industries. As the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Mr. Lane provides the Board a valuable perspective on the Company’s day‑to‑day operations and on current trends and developments in the industry.